Send us your #JobSearch Questions!

All of us at CT Career Guidance want to provide helpful information to those local and far.  To better address any concerns, we want to hear from you!  Tell us your job search questions/topics of trouble in the comments below or over email and we will tailor our next posts to respond to everyone.  

Important note- please leave any employer information anonymous so as to not hurt any chances while searching.  Thanks so much.  Hope to hear from you, and we hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!



About ericatew

Erica Tew is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and career advisor who creates workshops and programs for CT Job Seekers. She is a manager of CT Jobs Chat, a LinkedIn networking group for job seekers, recruiters, and career counselors. Follow her on twitter @ericatew .

3 thoughts on “Send us your #JobSearch Questions!

    • Hi Olivia,

      Thanks for your great question! I hope you don’t mind I reply here instead of in a full post but I believe there are two parts to this answer.

      Ideally, students have part time or full time jobs while in school so they can have “real world” experience as they begin to apply for jobs post-graduation. However, this workload may not be for everyone and each person should adapt to what suits them, yet challenges them- because demanding a lot from yourself will prepare you for employer demands and career success.

      If you have missed out on the opportunity of working while studying, do not worry. It is never too late to apply for a job. Internships are also a great resource and are geared specifically towards recent graduates. Check with your college’s Career Services Department (always an excellent resource!) to learn about potential internship opportunities within your field.

      For either of these scenarios, just read through the job/internship descriptions and apply for those you qualify (or mostly qualify) for- all jobs will have varying potential start dates, so you could begin looking now if you are able. And be sure to have a professional resume you can forward to the employer when you apply. Remember, resumes must be tailored for each job. Your college’s Career Services Team can be a resource for this as well as the nation’s American Job Centers with information/offices available at:

      Hope this helps! Let us know if you’d like any other information.

      Take care,



    • It’s a good idea to attend any recruitments that your college has to offer to speak with employers about hiring you in the future. Also, if you do apply make sure you are putting your expected graduation date so they know you may not be available for full time employment immediately. Always read the posting and look for an expected start date for the job. Just remember that although it may be too soon to apply for the job at hand, it is never too soon to network with that employer and build a relationship.


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