LinkedIn Group for CT Job Seekers

Hi all,

We haven’t been as actively lately but that will hopefully change soon.  We’ve put in place a job seeker group on LinkedIn called “CT Jobs Chat.”  Feel free to request a connection with any of our authors or the group itself to learn more.  It was developed to be a place where job seekers that are new to LinkedIn can contribute and share topics of interest related to job seeking, with the goal of making everyone comfortable with the many features and benefits of Groups.  We share Connecticut specific job postings, recruitment events, and career fairs as well.  Even if you are not local to Connecticut, we’d love to have you join us.

I’ll get back to blogging hopefully next week!  Thanks to  everyone that has been following us on here all along!



About ericatew

Erica Tew is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and career advisor who creates workshops and programs for CT Job Seekers. She is a manager of CT Jobs Chat, a LinkedIn networking group for job seekers, recruiters, and career counselors. Follow her on twitter @ericatew .

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