What do you think?


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George Bernocco is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and job services specialist who is proficient in career development and social networking to obtain employment.

3 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. I chose “it doesn’t matter” because I wanted to say “if space allows.” I wouldn’t dedicate any time to trying to squeeze Hobbies into a resume if that means more important information will get crowded. If they are job related it is something you can add near the bottom of the resume as well.

    But unrelated hobbies? I have no beef with them- just don’t make them the focus of the resume (more bottom-of-the-resume details.) You never know what may stick out in an interview. Maybe boss-to-be loves hiking or traveling as well? It could lead to a great, albeit not-job-related, talking point that can give you an edge in the interview. The goal of an interview is to find someone that can not only do the job and do it well, but that you also would like to work with every day.


    • I completely agree with you Erica. Interestingly enough with LinkedIn being the new “digital resume”, it includes an “Interests” section and it lists under the text box: “Examples: Management training, new technologies, investing, fishing, snowboarding, digital photography”. LinkedIn does not have the defined limitations like a resume, so the question can also be asked if it should be included on your profile.

      I also think it depends on the hobby. I mean if you are a Mime on your spare time, that might discourage people from hiring you because of a deep rooted fear of Mimes….

      That invisible box freaks me out!


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