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By George Bernocco, CPRW

With the internet taking over most of our daily activities, it should come as no surprise that job search and networking have been absorbed into the web. Typically, there were websites designed for job search, and websites designed for networking that operated individually. However, in 2003, that all changed. A website called LinkedIn ( opened up to combine social networking and internet job search into one internet page. As the recession hit and job seekers increased, LinkedIn took off to assist those in transition to their new career.


A digital resume.

The paper copy resume was the most traditional way to apply for a job. LinkedIn provides a living, breathing resume that is also interactive. Paper copy resumes had “References Available Upon Request” inscribed upon them, while LinkedIn actually has written recommendations and endorsements from connections on them. Employers can easily access this information if they have an internet connection.


Be found by employers.

By having keywords and endorsements on your LinkedIn profile, employers can search for candidates. LinkedIn allows them to see your digital resume before you even know about a job opening. The public profile you display gives them a good idea of your experiences, and can even serve as a screening process for a job.


Search and research for work.

LinkedIn has the capability of sending job leads your way. With the keywords and profile information you entered, the networking site can find relevant jobs to the ones you have worked at and/or are looking for. Since LinkedIn has increased substantially in popularity, employers have their own profiles on the site. LinkedIn will have information about that employer, including job postings and insights. You can even find their employees, including human resource contact persons, to assist with your job application.


Stay connected.

The feature that stands out the most for a social networking site is the ability to connect with others. Networking is always highly recommended to find employment. Knowing someone, who may in turn know someone who has an opportunity, can assist you to get your foot in the door. In addition, these connections can endorse and recommend you for skills you have.

LinkedIn provides a one-stop networking site for those who are unemployed, underemployed or transitioning into a new job. Job search, digital profiles, employer information and connections are available at your fingertips. There is no doubt that LinkedIn is the future of employment.


About georgebernocco

George Bernocco is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and job services specialist who is proficient in career development and social networking to obtain employment.

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